A view of Pedder Street in Hong Kong

PRINT SALES – Pedder Street

A view of Pedder Street in Hong Kong
HONG KONG: A view of Pedder Street in Central, Hong Kong. (Photo by Rogan Coles)

PRINT SALES: Pedder Street, Hong Kong

So far, we have sold two 16 x 20 inch prints based on this image – both to buyers in Hong Kong.

The prints sold for around HK$4,500 [about US$550] each.

The second sale was an interesting referral where, a friend of the first buyer, when he saw the work on display, decided he wanted a print as well. Mr Morales, thank you for both your custom and for the referral.

The view here is looking up Pedder Street – taken from a pedestrian walkway linking Worldwide House and Alexander House in Central, Hong Kong. The picture was made in the mid-afternoon. Not too busy, not too quiet. People crossing at a pedestrian crossing. Traffic waiting. But then, look closely at the detail. This is Hong Kong as it will ever be – Louis Vuitton on the left, Citibank on the right, the huge advertising boards, the high rise architecture not to mention the red taxis and the yellow and orange KMB buses.

The prints mentioned here were sold before the development of the Rogan Coles Photo Shop. As yet, this particular image is not featured in our on-line shop. But, we do have other excellent photography on offer – check out our on-line store while you are here.

This particular image was part of a “Past and Present” project and exhibition featuring both the photography of the great and prolific Victorian photographer, John Thomson and myself. The exhibition was on show at the Kinnet in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong and then, later, at the Hong Kong University.

Here is the juxtapositioned image by John Thomson and his view looking up Pedder Street. A key feature in this image is the clock tower at the top of the street – now, long since gone. Other interesting details include the Sikh policeman standing to the right in the near foreground. The other two men, both Chinese, are sedan chair or litter porters. Sedan chairs were a common form of local transport long before the advent of the ubiquitous red taxis now plying the streets of Hong Kong.

PRINT SALES - Pedder Street 1
Peddar Street, Hong Kong. Photograph by John Thomson, 1868/1871.

Credit: Wellcome Collection. CC BY

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